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don on insurgents. secretary hilton told congress whole the u.s. are adversaries and allies, it's a relationship that is growing more complicated every day. since the afghanistan war began, the u.s. and pakistan have been uneasy allies. the fragile friendship is showing more signs of breaking down. >> we're all balancing the two realities. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clintonel to congress pakistan's spy agency is supporting a terrorist group called the hakani network, attacking u.s. troops in pakistan and afghanistan from safe heavies in pakistan. >> pakistan's leadership must join us in squeezing thes in thework. >> reporter: while senior u.s. officials incests pakistan continues to harbor terrorists, the former president claims that pakistan is ino sent. >> i am 500% sure that i did not know, whether anyone believes it or not. >> reporter: in meetings with current pakistani leaders, she made it clear the u.s. will not tolerate anymore attacks on u.s. interests in afghanistan. >> i made it clear to the pakistanis that the attack on our embassy was an outrage. >> rep
: embassy staffers told us the said ambassador himself was in -- saudi ambassador was in meetings and this afternoon, the saudi government issued a statement thanking the united states from preventing a criminal act. if it had gone uncaught the plot would have followed up attacks at the saudi and israeli embassies. the target was the saudi ambassador to the u.s., adel al- jubeir. on october 29th, manssor arbabsiar, a 56-year-old iranian american was arrested at the jfkant following months of surveillance by u.s. officials. manssor arbabsiar is charged with trying to hire mexican drug cartels to kill the saudi ambassador with c-4 explosives and gun fore for $1.5 million. the plotters also wanted to then launch the attacks on the saudi and israeli embassies here in d.c. the charging documents say that the assassination may have occurred in an unnamed d.c. restaurant frequented by the ambassador and u.s. citizens. and the conspirators dismissed the fact that innocent bystanders could have been killed. >> -by-accused of working with members of the a
-mail us at fox5tips@wttg.com. >> the news edge on maryland tonight. prince georges county police are investigating an apparent murder/suicide. yet happened today at ray road and new hampshire avenue in tacoma park. all police can tell us is that a man and woman were shot to death and that it appears to be a murder/suicide. the victim's napes were not released and we're going to keep you posted as we learn more. >>> the victim in a hit-and-run in northwest has died. now, police are investigating this case as a homicide and they're looking for the driver of a maroon jeep liberty. the jeep hit 22-year-old miguel drooler jr. on 14th and webster street yesterday afternoon. the police believe the jeep might be a 2003 model, now possibly missing most of the front grill. call police if you have any inform a. >>> developing tonight -- information. >>> hundreds of protestors hit the streets of d.c. the second straight day and some are upset bot economy and believe that corporations and banks have too much influence on the government. some are demandin
shadowed by the scandals. >> reporter: council member jack evans used the strongest language, saying the rules should be clear. if a council member violates them, they lose their seat. >> and what are the penalties for violating the laws? you can't legislate and say someone has to be honest, you know and that is inherent in people in the government. and if they're not, the penalty has to be severe enough that they can't sib longer. >> reporter: the creation of an educations enforcement board. stronger control over constituent funds and tomorrow limits and a rule council members can't have outside work. >> i view the hearing as an duped for the city and for all of us to have a fresh start in a new deal. i think we need to view this as where we want to be five, 10, 15, 20 years down the road. >> reporter: couple chairman brown who is under -- council chairman brown who is under federal investigation, tapped part of the meeting. although he's been criticized for the fully loaded suv and ising investigated for alleged campaign violations, he said he support ons -- supports new strong eth
group walked by and went on their way. they're assuring us, though, that they plan to occupy the entire area tomorrow. it's quiet now, but thursday, thousands of anti wall street protestors are expected to attack d.c.'s freedom plaza as part of a nationwide protest. >> i think we're getting very active and just need to get the message out. >> reporter: that is hard to miss on wall street. the protestors are demanding higher taxes and sangs from banks, corporations and the rich. the protestors say have benefitted in that recession while americans suffered and to chants-of-tax the rich, the protest got a head start and that demonstration organized by the group called rebuild the american dream. led by former obama administration advisor, van jones, the group is trying to get liberals to seek out forcefully on liberal issues as the tea party does on conservative ones. >> we're going to get from some leaders and we'll hear from the people struggling and fighting every day with no help. not no help from the majority here and -- >> reporter: organizers have been meeting in d.c. for three days
and they tell us, be careful because even though his reconsidering this does not mean he has made a decision the run we expect to hear by wednesday if the governor made up his mind. even that will change. >>> president to politics, is the race to be first not just with candidates but for the states holding primaries. south carolina, jumping up in front republican party chairman says they will hold the first in the presidential primary, the state is responding to florida's decision to move up its primary to january 31st. >>> president obama calling on congress to pass his jobs creation bill he wants to sign the nearly $450 billion proposal into law republicans not quite ready to jump onboard they object to some parts of the bill. the president says he wants to hear specifics. >> >> president obama is not sorry for criticizing the bush administrations handling of terrorism suspects, dick cheney asked for an apology yesterday when asked about the killing of a terror suspect. he was an american citizen, killed by a predator drone last week. today white house jay carney fired back at cheney. >> w
's lawyers as prosecutors told him, they are investigating the incident. >>> the u.s. malone's frustration has gone viral. take a look. >> that does not make you talk to -- the people. this might be tough of value. nothing. you want to go fight, go to iraq and of course. stop hurting them, man. >> and -- go and city gone. why are you hurting these people? that does not make any sense. it doesn't make any sense. how do you sleep at night? >> he was at the occupy rally on october 5th and saw officers hitting people, who he said, were nottan tag myselfing the police and that is why he's angry. he wrote on his youtube chapel he's not anti police and has been discharged from the marines. >>> it's a story that is getting a lot of tag. a father accused of letting his young daughter drive while he was drunk in the passenger seat. find out what he had to say for himself in court. >>> and the troubling trend. we're going to show you the candy some teenageers are using to get drunk. >>> and first, heir bellafonte must had a rough night. he fell asleep before an early- morning interview in bakersfield
us now. matt? >> reporter: the d.c. couple wants to address the issue and do not think the emergency plan is the way to go. this morning, council member ven sent orange proposed a plan to launch a task force. his plan was should the down and he got no -- he was shot down and got no support. he made a promise to voters during the campaign to ethics reform and did that, introducing emergency legislation tuesday morning. >> this will provide a viable solution to restoring public confidence in the integrity of elected and appointed officials. >> reporter: this comes at a time when some city leaders are face alleged ethical violations. the councilman will chair a committee looking into violations and reform later this month. >> and i am frustrated. the residents of the district of columbia are frustrated with the lapses in the government and the skins we have seen throughout the government. >> reporter: and bowser appeared angry that orange tried to get in front of the process she was ready to carry out and accused orange of campaigning from the diet. >> i should remine my colleague it's
investigations out of the way. >> makes us feel vindicated, you know, it has been a long or deal, and you know, we have been pretty consistent s very consistent obviously in what we said, all along the way >> it was mid-march. when we caught up with brown after he had been summoned by investigators from the committee on oversight and government reform. chairman isa has ordered the investigation, worried district officials wouldn't do a thorough job. >> i won't get into specifics but i will say i am doing my best to co-operate. >> reporter: investigators interviewed several senior members to have grey campaign although they found evidence, claiming brown may have been paid by the grey campaign to keep his own mayoral campaign afloat they found no connection to grey himself. >> no credibility with this man, and you know he said a lot of things, alleged a lot of things, and there is just nothing to cooberate it. >> reporter: brown declined an on camera interview monday but when asked about the oversight committee report he said quote i have been telling the truth from day one, it insults basic c
and developments. there is an argument going on as to whether or not the stat's attorney will be allowed to use some photos. crime scene photos showing the body of jana murray in opening statements. the defense said they're highly prejudicial, the state said they're essential to the case and the judge is trying to decide what to do about that. let's show you a video this we have and thosier sketches that we took a few months ago and there was a hearing. that shows some photos in a courtroom sketch. the state's attorney john mccarthy called the photos essential to the state's case and that the crime was premeditated. six to eight different weapons were used, hidden around the store. the defense attorney told the judge that we're going to be at a decided disvictim before the case begins. he went on to say that he's prejudicial to be flashing around gory pictures of the victims. judge robert greenberg a few minutes ago said while holding the photos that the photos were, quote, gruesome and he's concerned that the jury will immediately be disturbed and emotional. i can tell you that as i left the c
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released to us. the video captured from the metro bus shows what appears to be two suspects in the case. you can see them pointing at someone or something as they board the bus. he was reportedly shot in the face and abdomen. let's show you some of the crime scene. his mother says it was all in cold blood. it's not sure if a lot of people are on the bus. it was late, about 12:00. it's not certain how many were on the bus. no one else was injured. the 22-year-old was a father of two young children. he graduated from college in 2008 and like so many other people was looking for a job at this time. his priority was caring for his family and kid. she described him as fun loving and focused. the entire family is stunned. they want justice. >> i want people to know my baby was a good boy. he was good. he wasn't out causing no trouble. he didn't bother nobody. he was doing the things that he needed to do that was necessary for him and his family. >> back live, you see that was the entire family stunned by the crime. he had no injuries, simply heading home after hanging out with his fiance and
. they called us late this afternoon from extra storage. they say this indeed was an auction situation because the owner did not pay. they did auction it off, but under their rules, the person who buys the items, if they find any kind of documents, sensitive information, they were supposed to turn that information back over to the facility. clearly in this case, they did not do that and that is where we are right now. they are cooperating with the police and an investigation into who bought it and who dumped it over here at this church. more on that story coming up tonight. >> wisdom, what are they going to do with it? is somebody coming to get it? >> the information is here right now. none of that personal information is here anymore. is this a lot of paper and boxes that the church will have to deal with because it was illegally dumped here. but all of the personal information that was here. the social security numbers, the checks, the private pictures, the owner came and picked that up last night after our story aired. he saw it on our news and got all the personal information out of here
. >>> and virginia is a must-win state in 2012. see the secret weapon the president used on the last day of his bus tour. >>> and if you see a story you think we should look into, let us know. send news tips@f5tips@wttg.com or call us. we're back in two. two. d@ >> while the economic protests continue to spread in america, demonstrators are getting violent in europe. the rioters are looting stores and setting fires in greece, protesting a new plan by the government to cut spending and raise taxes to fix the debt problem. 100,000 marched peacefully in athens before a small group got rowdy. meanwhile, the occupy wall street movement passed the one- month mark and protestors are going strong. author naomi wolf was arrested last night and covering the protest for the covington post. tips of thousands are demonstrating around the country and saying corporations and banks have too much power. >>> president obama is pushing hard for support in virginia. he spent days share his job creation plan. before the bus tour wrapped up, he deployed one of the biggest assets. >> how lucky -- lucky am i to get
't manage that many. he ends up finding him and he gives us a call. >> the place went crazy with screams and it was great. it was a great experience. >> how are you feeling right now? >> i have no words for how great i feel and i'm happy to be a part of it. >> now caroline county sheriff who you saw there said he himself saw robert wood jr., that he was alert, that the people who were there helped carry him out of the quary. they put him on a stretcher into the ambulance, which went to a waiting helicopter which flew him to a hospital where he has been reunited with his family. >> such a miracle. such a wonderful story tonight the way it ended. bob, thank you. now word came that robert had been found, relief quickly spread from the volunteers, to the sheriff deputies who were working the case. >> let me say it like this. i'll cry at a football game, so if you keep asking questions like that, i'll tear up here. there's a lot of emotion with this. >> you can watch the entire press conference and get the latest update from this story on myfoxdc.com. >>> well, it's not even november ye
in the wars, it's not good for all of us. >> reporter: d.c. police escorted the protestors back here earlier this eve eng in and we didn't see any -- evening and we didn't see any civil disobedience. >> are they going to be in town all weekend or shutting down streets? >> reporter: we heard they were going go to the chamber of commerce. the police were waiting for them. that didn't happen. we did see a few people sitting down here and they got up quickly, so, we haven't seen request any kind of civil disobedience and which people will be arrested. so, if that is the plan, we're not sure if they're going to carry it out. yo and that is seeing organized or is there a sense they're going to stick around? >> hard to say. we saw several help people here and as i motioned earlier, people are here for all sorts of different reasons. if there is going to be a concept this year and they're going to occupy the place, we have to see. >>> a suspicious package this morning has been taken to quantico this morning. the police officer noticed a small metal cylinder about 7 a.m. the police shut down the stre
houses into rental properties as well. >>> and a news alert on u.s.- syrian relations. the u.s. withdrew its ambassador to syria because of security concerns. ambassador robert ford returned to washington after credin threats. tensions -- credible threats. tegs have been high and. >>> a cure appearance for a man accused of plotting to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. he pleaded not guilty in new york. he accepted $1.5 million to set off exploitives in the restaurant where the ambassador frequented. iran denied any involvement in the a lenned plot. -- alleged plot. >>> a murder that frightened and shocked residents in bethesda, maryland. the vicious killing of lulu lemon worker gina murray. the woman accused went on trial. jury selection is underway, how did it go? >> reporter: very slowly, brian. they were hoping to get to 300 people and they put off what they hoped would be the young statements tomorrow and that is put off until wednesday. they have to bring in an additional 150 people today and tomorrow and and this is the problem. when the judge asked the potenti
insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. find us at minuteclinic.com. i'm jack, and i took the flu >> there is a renaissance happening and cupcakes are paying for the way a couple and their daughters opened up the first cupcake business in anacostia hoping it leads to years of success. >> reporter: it is hard to miss the purple row house on busy minnesota avenue in southeast. >> good morning. hi. how can i help you today. >> reporter: even harder to resist the sweet treats baking up inside olivia's cupcakes. >> this will be a great dessert. >> reporter: they opened the business about a month ago. >> my wife and i both grew up in anacostia, we saw you know, the ups and downs,. >> i thought why not why can't we have the same quality and class of business in our ward 8 that other washingtonians are offered and privileged with. >> reporter: so the couple along with their two college aged daughters, christina olivia, and alexis royale brought it to anacostia, investing in the often neglected community. >> i am glad it is in southeast, glad it is in southeast. >> repo
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)